Frequent questions asked

What time do you open?

We open Friday from 8pm and Saturday from 7pm.

What time do you close?

The bar stops serving after the last show, around 00:30hrs, and the bar closes shortly after.

What time does the show begin?

The drag show begins at 9pm, or shortly after.

When is the café open?

Our café is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 12noon-3pm, serving meals and light-bites.

Can you get my hen or friend on stage?

We do not choose who goes on stage. If there is any audience participation planned for the evening, it is the performing artiste who chooses from the crowd, not the Minsky’s staff.

Can we hire Minsky’s?

Minsky’s is available for hire, Sunday to Thursday.

Do we get a glass of bubbly with our package?

Only if you have brought the GOLD package.

Do we get our male butler or drag queen waitering service?

Only with the GOLD package, male butler or drag service will be provided.

subject to availability.

What time do we get our male butler or drag queen waitering service?

On normal Friday and Saturdays shows, 9pm-11pm and on Girls Night Out, 7pm-9pm.

What does my package include?

Depends on which package you have booked, check our website for details.

Do you accept card payments?

Yes, all major cards accepted.

What food do you do?

We have a range of basket meals available, including gluten free, soya, lactose-intolerant. ALL basket meals need to be pre-booked in advance, before you arrive.

Does my package come with food?

Depends on which package you have brought. All GOLD packages come with a basket meal, excluding Girls Night Out, first Saturday of the month.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes, fancy dress or smart casual.